About Galbanum

School of complementary therapies Galbanum from Zagreb has been founded in 2006 by its principal Lidija Delić and is actively teaching complementary therapy skills for more than ten years now with great success.

Lidija delic
Lidija has become one of the most respected aromatherapists and body workers in the region, and through her vision and her team has educated more than 1000 students who have expaned their knowledge from natural therapies, learned how to improved the quality of their own life, life of their families and friends. Many successful private business have started as a result, and some of our students change the course of their life and enriched it the best possible way – through gaining of knowledge. The school continuest to expand the educational programmes offer, harmonising it with the trends and needs of the market. Our programmes have been carefully created and adapted, consisting of theoretical and practical hours led by top teachers who are transfering the knowledge selflessly. All of our teachers use their knowledge of therapy in their daily practises, with holistic individual approach.


We are an educational institution with the goals
•  to promote education in the area of complemetary and natural therapies as a sourse of possibilities for individual personal and professional development
•  to create and develope the creative potential in the individual and
•  to develop creative potential of the society as a whole.


Innovativity and originality with the metodics as a sourse of learning and teaching. Entreprenourship spirit. Closeness to the others in our environment.


To be the leading educational institution in natural theapies and enterpreneurship for adults in Croatia, including the education on prevention and preservation of healthy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

Our name – our spirit

Our name comes from yellow and green plant Galbanum. Galbanum essential oil is a sacred oil used for rituals in the old Egypt and is mentioned in the Old Testament. This oil with its high level of monotherpenes can reprogramme our cells, and is beneficial for meditation and increasing of spiritual consience through the heart and crown chakras. It helps to let go of the old ideals and belief systems and embrace the new – especially those related to spirituality. It calms and grounds, gently directing and requesting the divine to overtake and our hearts to open.

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Učilište Galbanum, Nova cesta 4, Zagreb (Trešnjevka)

091/1255-550 / (+385) 01/3794-568

  • dummy info@galbanum.hr


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